Prevention First creates and collects helpful resources for substance use prevention and related issues. Resources include printable documents, video links, full toolkits and curriculums, and links to programs and agencies with even more resources.


Substance Use Prevention (SUP) Professional Resources is organized into three sections.

(SUPP) Grantee Information has information and resources specifically for Illinois Department of Human Services Substance Use Prevention Program grantees. This includes training requirements, contact information for state resources, and program-specific tools. 

Prevention Strategy Resources has tip sheets and resource guides that are designed to assist prevention professionals with specific prevention strategies.

Covid-19 Resources includes resources for prevention professionals, parents, caregivers, and community members to support prevention efforts during this global pandemic. Additionally, links to state and federal resources are provided.

Substance Use Prevention Resources include print materials and links to helpful agencies and programs to address substance use prevention. Topics include ATOD, coalition building, the impact of substance use on learning, LGBTQ Community and Addiction, and teen pregnancy prevention.

Drug Specific Resources includes fact sheets, toolkits, videos, and links to even more resources that are drug-specific.