The Truth About Underage Drinking and Fake ID's

This underage drinking prevention training will cover:

  • An overview and trends of Fake IDs
  • Considerations & Statistics in Fake ID use, during COVID
  • What to look for with underage drinking (pre-pandemic and during)
  • Popular alcohol products among youth
  • Over-the-Counter drugs that enhance alcohol use and abuse
  • Products to “get around” a breathalyzer


Officer Jermaine Galloway, known as the “Tall Cop”, is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter, five-time national award winner, international award winner and resource for those involved with prevention, education, treatment and enforcement. Officer Galloway began his law enforcement career in 1997 and has more than 18 years’ experience in alcohol and drug education, enforcement and prevention. As a full-time trainer, the “Tall Cop” currently dedicates thousands of hours to community scans, research and substance abuse identification in various communities across the country. While in law enforcement, Officer Galloway was a member of the DUI task force, a CSI, community policing unit and a field-training officer. The Tall Cop calls the great state of Texas, home, as he travels and trains nationally and internationally.

Mark Baxter is an 18-year police veteran. For the past 10 years, he has been assigned as a detective, responsible for the investigation of counterfeit documents and alcohol-related violations. He has previously worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is a veteran of the United States Army.

When he’s not hunting for fake IDs himself, Mr. Baxter instructs police officers, police recruits, and civilians from across the country in the detection of counterfeit identity documents. He provides training for various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to include the United States Department of Justice, the United States Attorney’s Office, and the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association. He frequently appears in court as a Subject Matter Expert for the prosecution of fraudulent document cases.

He created the “Fake ID-Real Problem” initiative to battle fake ID use and access to alcohol by minors in his jurisdiction. To date, this program has prevented more than 2100 sales to minors and has led to the seizure of over 2800 counterfeit IDs.