Alcohol Awareness Month

In the month of April and beyond Prevention First invites you to download the 11 x 17 flier, "How Alcohol Affects the Teenage Brain." The underage drinking vignette images can be downloaded for use on social media as part of your prevention efforts, and sample tweets are also listed below. For more resources during Alcohol Awareness Month, visit the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence at

These fliers are available for download by clicking either of the images.

Here are several vignettes for use on Twitter and other social media sites. Click to download.


Copy and paste these factoids in your social media accounts:

  • For IL teens, alcohol is the drug of choice. #alcoholawarenessmonth
  • Approx 4 out of 10 IL 12th graders who have ever used alcohol may be at risk for alcohol abuse or dependence later #alcoholawarenessmonth
  • Not all teens drink - 2014 use of alcohol is lower among youth in grades 8 and 10 vs 2012 #alcoholawarenessmonth
  • Compared to 2012, fewer 12th graders believe their parents disapprove of regular teen alcohol use #alcoholawarenessmonth
  • Of those who drank in the past year, 33% of 12th graders got alcohol from their parents with permission #alcoholawarenessmonth
  • Not all teens drink - Driving after drinking is on the decline among 12th graders. #alcoholawarenessmonth
  • In the past year, 12% of 12th graders got into a fight or argument while or after drinking alcohol #alcoholawarenessmonth