Our Critical Work.

We believe our work with youth is some of the most critical work we do at Prevention First. We work directly with youth, teachers, advisors, parents, SROs, local law enforcement, driver's ed facilitators, coalitions, and other community members who have an important role in our youth's lives. 

At Preventions First's Youth Prevention Resource Center, we apply a holistic approach in all that we do, ensuring that youth voices are represented and respected. We invest significant resources to be responsive to the needs of our youth and support healthy decision-making, supporting both those who work with youth and youth themselves. 

Teens Are Our Partners.

We consider youth to be experts on their peers and as such, an integral part of the work we do. The YPRC facilitates a group of young people known as our Student Advisory Board. SAB members are selected through an application process and play an active role in developing resources and identifying solutions to the issues facing their peers. They undergo training and have opportunities to speak with and to various stakeholders that impact our shared work.

Four Cornerstones of Our Work. 

Substance Misuse

Although alcohol is still the drug of choice for young people, we strive always to address the day's trending issues. We prioritize our resources to focus on preventing alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drug misuse. Instilling in young people that every decision matters.

Teen Traffic Safety

Automobile crashes remain the leading cause of death for young people. The YPRC offers a variety of resources for driving instructors and parents of new drivers to help youth address the issues relating to teen safe driving.

Mental Health and Wellness

The importance of physical health has been well documented, but youth (and adults) must pay equal attention to their emotional wellbeing. Depression, suicide, anxiety, and feelings of isolation are on the rise among young people. YPRC and Prevention First is steadfast in continuing to address these ever-changing and complex issues.

Youth Leadership  Development

Practicing leadership skills is shown to have profound effects throughout life. The YPRC maintains, facilitates, and supports a diverse Student Advisory Board. The Student Advisory Board has a strong voice and is a guiding force for all programming efforts, including resource development and advocacy. Student Advisory Board applications can be found here.



The Youth Prevention Resource Center offers on-site and virtual training, webinars, tip sheets, and resources on various topics and issues facing youth today. 

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