Fentanyl Is a Dangerously Strong Opioid

Get the Facts About Fentanyl

  • 100x

    stronger than morphine1

  • 50x

    stronger than heroin8

  • 2

    salt sized grains of fentanyl can be fatal8

  • 7

    fentanyl-related overdoses deaths occur every day in Illinois in 202012,13

  • 1.4x

    greater chance of dying by a fentanyl-related overdose than in a car crash15

Fentanyl Is Being Found in All Types of Pills and Powders

The number of drugs being cut or laced with fentanyl has grown because it’s 20x cheaper to make.14 This means drug organizations can use less, increase the potency, and make bigger profits.

Counterfeit Pills

oxys, percs, benzos, xans

Over 1 in 4 tablets seized by the US by the DEA had lethal doses of fentanyl between January and March 201910


powder, crack, coke, blow, freebase, snow, coco

Fentanyl has been found in cocaine across Illinois16

Counterfeit Adderall®

addy, addies, study pills

Fentanyl has been found laced into counterfeit Adderall® across Illinois17


smack, junk, china white

72% of the fentanyl seized was labeled as heroin 16


methamphetamine, speed, crystal meth, crank, ice, cotton candy, tina

Meth is often cut with fentanyl and roughly half of the meth overdose deaths in 2017 involved a mixture of opioids like fentanyl and methamphetamine18

No one—not you, your dealer, or the person you get it from—can tell if your pill or powder is laced with fentanyl.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Tell the Difference

Fentanyl is impossible to see, smell, or even taste. It’s also hard to mix evenly so no hit, bump, or pill has the same amount. This inconsistency means you can’t predict how much is in what you are taking, or trust that what you’re taking is clean. Since it only takes two salt-sized grains of fentanyl grains of fentanyl to fatally overdose, this complete lack of control over the dose is even more troubling.

See what type of information anyone taking or hanging out where drugs might be used or laced should know.

Reduce the Risk of Losing Someone to Overdose

Opioid overdoses are hitting close to home and happening more often because of fentanyl. There are several things you can do to prevent this. See what type of information anyone taking or hanging out where drugs might be used or laced should know.

Find Out

If You Think Someone
Is Overdosing

Call 911 immediately and administer naloxone. The Good Samaritan Law in Illinois legally protects the person having an overdose and the people who help.