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Visit the APRC’s GoToStage Video Channel to view the following webinars:

  • Alcohol Advertising Effects on Adolescents
  • Alcohol Home Delivery: Regulatory and Enforcement Implications
  • Alcohol and Managing Special Events
  • Alcohol and Teen Traffic Safety
  • Alcohol Outlets and Violence in U.S. Cities: What, Why, and What To Do
  • Alcohol Prevention Is Suicide Prevention
  • Enforcement of Alcohol Laws Equals Prevention: Working with Law Enforcement to Increase the Effectiveness of Alcohol Laws
  • The ABCs of Alcohol Regulation (Webinar 1/3)
  • Identifying Policy Strategies that Address Alcohol-Related Problems in a Community (Webinar 2/3)
  • Working with Law Enforcement to Implement Strategies that Support Healthier Alcohol Environments (Webinar 3/3)
  • Illegal ID Detection
  • Party Prevention and Controlled Party Dispersal
  • Placebos, Prevention, and Parents: What the Science Says About Alcohol and the Important Role of Coalitions
  • Preventing Youth Access to Alcohol Online
  • Supporting Law Enforcement Efforts to Enforce Alcohol Laws: Practical Guidance for Coalitions
  • The Untapped Potential of Alcohol Policy for Cancer Prevention

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  • Alcohol Compliance Check Investigations
  • Alcohol Environment Scanning
  • Alcohol Policies and Ordinances
  • Easy Retail Access
  • Strategic Prevention Framework
  • SPF Community Assessment
  • Social Host Ordinances