We help communities reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse. Our goal is to reduce alcohol use among those who are 12-25 years old in communities throughout Illinois.

Our Technical Assistance

Technical assistance services are offered to communities and coalitions engaged in alcohol policy work. Our assistance addresses a wide range of issues, including:

  • Policy adoption
  • Policy enforcement
  • Use of the Strategic Prevention Framework
  • Promotion of policies or strategies
  • Reviewing policies for effectiveness
  • Other areas that may address alcohol policy work and initiatives
  • Effective implementation of environmental strategies

Training and Webinars

We are committed to providing expert-led training and webinars on evidence-based alcohol policies and environmental prevention strategies to local officials, law enforcement, and community coalitions focused on underage drinking. Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board-certified training for law enforcement is available by contacting the APRC.

Project Administrator

Jody Heavilin