Use Adds Up

Make Your Money

We all have different goals, but a national study shows that if you frequently use drugs, alcohol, or weed when you’re a teen you’ll likely make less money when you grow up, compared to those who didn’t use.

Focus on
the Future

You gotta plan out every detail to be successful, but it’s harder to find your focus if you’re smoking weed or drinking frequently. Using substances as a teen may permanently harm your memory and attention.

Hustle Harder

You need to hustle to make your dreams a reality, but regular substance use can get in the way. Using damages your body, your brain, and your athletic skills. Even using a few times can add up to slowly take you down.

Stay on Target

You want to stay on top of your game, but substances can take you in a whole different direction. That’s why facts show that 9 out of 10 people who have an alcohol or drug use disorder started when they were teens.

Success Comes
Quicker When You
Don't Hit Pause

Substance Setbacks

Weed and alcohol may not immediately throw you off track, but every time you use substances, you’re setting yourself back and hitting pause on your future.