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Why Moms are
Pausing Cannabis

As a mom, you’re making a million choices for your baby’s health every day. See why taking a break from THC while pregnant and breastfeeding is the safest choice.

Key facts for new parents



“Pumping and dumping” does not work with cannabis. It can stay in breast milk for 6 or more days.


The THC you consume can reach your baby and affect their brain development and birth weight.


THC is stored in fat, which is an important building block for babies’ brains and bodies.

Know the Risks to Your Baby

Research shows using cannabis while you are pregnant or breastfeeding can harm the growth and development of your baby’s brain. This can cause gaps in their problem-solving skills, memory, and attention. Find out how cannabis use while pregnant or breastfeeding can harm your baby below.


The THC stored in fat cells can attach to blood cells and reach your growing baby.


THC can stay in your breast milk for up to 6 days because it is stored in fat cells, and milk contains fat.

Birth Defects

Harmful compounds in cannabis can pass to your baby and may increase chances of birth defects.

Cognitive Function

Using during pregnancy or breastfeeding can negatively affect your baby’s attention, learning, and memory in the future.

Birth Weight

Using while you’re pregnant can lead to your baby being born with a lower birth weight.


Using while pregnant may make it more likely for your newborn to need neonatal intensive care after birth.



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Alternatives to Help You Pause Use

Whether you’re a first-time mom or it’s your third pregnancy, there are other ways to put your needs first while pausing cannabis. Explore more ways to face any challenge motherhood throws your way.

Physical Pain Relief

  1. Use cold compresses
    for headaches
  2. Stay hydrated
    for nausea
  3. Eat dry snacks for
    morning sickness
  4. Use warm compresses
    for tense muscles
  5. Try pregnancy pillows
    for back pain

Relaxation Techniques

  1. Go for a walk to
    clear your mind
  2. Do something for
    yourself every day
  3. Read or listen to your
    favorite podcast
  4. Unwind in a warm
    bath or shower
  5. Practice deep
    breathing exercises

Mental Health & Wellness

  1. Prioritize your
    rest and sleep
  2. Stay connected with
    friends and family
  3. Use positive self-talk
    to be kind to yourself
  4. Join a prenatal or
    postpartum support group
  5. Talk to a health care
    provider for help


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This website was created for educational and informational purposes and is not intended as professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor to determine what treatments may be best for you or your baby.