One Unwavering Commitment.

Prevention First is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) founded in 1980. We engage with local communities to promote healthy behaviors and prevent drug and alcohol misuse.

From peer pressure to job stressors, from the classroom to the corner office, the stakes have never been higher for our youth, our families, and our communities. With so much on the line, Prevention First works tirelessly with individuals and groups throughout Illinois to make an impact both directly and indirectly with our programs and training.

We know that for those in need, what matters most is not showing up occasionally but consistently. Grand gestures don’t change the world; small decisions backed by firm commitments do. We exist to share a simple mantra with the world that every decision matters.

Our Three Focus Areas.

Advise – We work with organizations that actively promote healthy behaviors so they can be effective in their missions.

Amplify – Through training and ongoing education, we work with individuals who deliver prevention services so they are equipped and confident to best support clients, schools, and communities.

Advocate – We take an active role in addressing prevention areas of need through public awareness campaigns, resource centers, special initiatives, conferences, and networking events.




Prevention First advances efforts to promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance misuse in every community through various evidence-based and collaborative approaches, including training, support, and public awareness.



Prevention First is the leading organization for knowledge-building and disseminating evidence-based prevention strategies. We believe that evidence-based approaches are the most effective paths to building communities and proactively supporting health and well-being.

We are primarily funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Additional funding is provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections, the Illinois Department of Transportation, private foundations, and individual donations.