Prevention First is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to preventing teen drug use before it starts.

Since 1980, Prevention First has been committed to helping communities promote health and well-being and prevent substance misuse. We do this through training, technical assistance, public awareness initiatives, and providing resource materials to thousands of schools, community groups, parents, and youth in:

  • Developing strategic plans to address local substance use prevention needs
  • Selecting and implementing the best programs, curricula, and strategies designed to promote social and emotional health and prevent substance use
  • Developing and implementing media and communication campaigns designed to educate the public about how it can help prevent substance use.

Please see our renewed commitment statement.

Prevention First is primarily funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Additional funding is provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections, Illinois Department of Transportation, private foundations, and individual donations.

Our headquarters is in Springfield, IL. Our branch office in Chicago.


Prevention First advances efforts to promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance misuse in every community through a variety of evidence-based and collaborative approaches, including training, support, and public awareness. 

Prevention First is the leading organization for knowledge-building and the dissemination of evidence-based prevention strategies. We believe that evidence-based approaches are the most effective paths to building communities and proactively support health and well-being.