Our Stakeholders.

Prevention First works with a wide-ranging set of partners to address substance misuse from every possible angle. From those setting policies to those in sharing expectations.

Private and Community-based Organizations

Every community is unique, and no one knows that better than organizations and coalitions working in the community, day and night, to impact local health outcomes and reduce substance misuse. Prevention First works directly with community-based organizations to advise and equip them with the latest prevention strategies and communication techniques.  

Partnerships with community-based organizations provide a collaborative opportunity to meet the distinctive needs of each community through training, technical assistance, and resource development.

State-Level Government Departments

State-level governments and organizations are critical partners in the fight against substance misuse. These organizations provide funding, connections, data, and advocacy to many of our programs and initiatives.

In particular, these groups advocate for and sponsor the critical work we do with public awareness campaigns. We’re honored to work closely with a variety of unique departments and statewide advisory councils to drive positive impact.

Educational Institutions

Prevention First works closely with middle schools and high schools through the Youth Prevention Resource Center to positively impact teens during this formative period in their lives. Educational institutions provide an audience and opportunity to connect with students on topics including Traffic Safety, Substance Misuse Prevention, Youth Leadership Development, and Mental Health. We’re proud to have middle schoolers and high schoolers from throughout Illinois on our YPRC Student Advisory Board.

Data drives the evolution of prevention strategies and educational institutions. Middle schools, high schools, and colleges/universities provide much-needed access to survey our students on their health behaviors. Through the Illinois Youth Survey and CORE survey, Prevention First accesses data on substance misuse patterns and behaviors of middle school through college-age students in the state of Illinois.

National Prevention Organizations

National Prevention Organizations are a unifying force that support prevention work throughout our nation. They provide important lines of communication, evidence-based tools for prevention, and strong advocacy for our work and the work of so many other organizations.

National conferences provide opportunities for professional development to learn about innovative strategies being developed and deployed in all fifty states. National Prevention Organizations provide resources not possible at the local level. We are honored to work with so many of their subject matter experts.