Steeped In History.
Born From Community.

Prevention First is a leading nonprofit organization focused on promoting healthy behaviors and preventing drug and alcohol misuse. We were founded in Illinois in 1980 as a direct response to community needs and the alarming increase in youth addiction and substance abuse.

We believe deeply that together we can proactively and effectively support the health and well-being of our kids and our communities. We're passionate about empowering those who surround our youth to do the same: schools, community groups, parents, local and state departments, and national organizations.


Through a variety of evidence-based and collaborative approaches, including training, support, and public awareness, Prevention First advances efforts to promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance misuse.

Supporting Those Who Support You.

Community Based Organizations

Private Prevention Organizations

State-Level Government Departments

Traffic Safety Organizations

Educational Institutions

National Prevention Organizations

Advocating Directly For Your Well Being.

Here are some of our hard-working public awareness campaigns.
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Your Support Means the World to Us. And Your Community.

Prevention First relies on a variety of means to help us reduce substance misue in every community. Your contributions directly and indirectly support these efforts every day.