In conjunction with The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Family & Community Services, training events are offered to enhance funded Teen Pregnancy Prevention grantees' skills, abilities, and knowledge. Training is designed to assist the grantees to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate appropriate evidence-based strategies to address local Teen Pregnancy Prevention issues.

SPARK Training

"Spark" is a mini-training designed to assist in building your school’s capacity to connect students to essential health services. This Spark mini-training outlines Illinois' laws and policies related to minor consent for confidential services, and it explores best practices for providing referrals to health services for adolescents. This package includes a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator script and follow-up material. The Spark may be delivered by providers or staff in a brief 15-30 minutes and is specifically designed to “spark” discussion and reflection among audiences.

PowerPoint Presentation

Facilitator Script

Follow-up Material

Helpful Links

Toolkits and Infographics