Alcohol Policy Resource Center

Prevention First’s Alcohol Policy Resource Center provides training, education, resources, and tools on evidence-based alcohol policy strategies to municipalities, local officials, law enforcement, and community coalitions focused on underage drinking in communities throughout Illinois.


Helping communities reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse.


To reduce alcohol use among those who are 12-25 years old in communities throughout Illinois.


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Helping Communities Identify the Issue

The consequences of underage drinking can affect everyone. We all feel the effects of aggressive behavior, property damage, injuries, violence, and deaths that can result from underage drinking.1 Underage drinking is not simply a problem for families, or youth, it is a concern for communities throughout Illinois.

Often, communities consider their local alcohol environment as established and unchangeable. But communities can create, change, or strengthen their alcohol environment by developing local alcohol policies to reduce underage drinking and reduce alcohol misuse.

Knowing where to start, how to identify alcohol issues within a community, and knowing which alcohol policies, ordinances, and law enforcement strategies can reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse are important steps to help a community move forward. Local people solve local problems best. Below you will find tools to assist your community in knowing where to start.

Are underage drinking parties being held at homes, apartments, or hotel rooms?
Are you worried that underage youth can purchase alcohol in your community?
Are you worried that underage youth can purchase large volumes of alcohol at retail establishments?
Are you worried that underage youth are being served
alcohol in your community?
Are there too many places to purchase alcohol in your community?
Are youth accessing alcohol at public events?
Are you worried there is too much alcohol advertising aimed
at youth?

1. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH). Underage Drinking. February 2017. Web. September 2017.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance services are offered to communities and coalitions engaged in alcohol policy work. Technical assistance addresses a wide range of issues including:

• policy adoption

• policy enforcement

• promotion of policies or strategies

• reviewing policies for effectiveness

• other areas that may address alcohol policy work and initiatives

For more information about technical assistance or the services we offer, please e-mail Kellie Henrichs or call 312-350-1320.

Tools and Resources
Trainings, Webinars, and Workshops

There are no new webinars scheduled. 

Visit the APRC’s GoToStage Video Channel to view the following webinars: 

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  • Identifying Policy Strategies that Address Alcohol-Related Problems in a Community - Webinar 2 of 3
  • Working with Law Enforcement to Implement Strategies that Support Healthier Alcohol Environments - Webinar 3 of 3
  • Alcohol and Managing Special Events 
  • Party Prevention and Controlled Party Dispersal

Visit the APRC's YouTube Channel for micro-learning:

  • Strategic Prevention Framework
  • SPF Community Assessment
  • Alcohol Environment Scanning