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In response to the high rate of overdose deaths across Illinois, the Department of Human Services has partnered with Prevention First and Rescue Agency to develop a public education campaign called Rethink Recovery. Rethink Recovery seeks to increase openness and interest in medication-assisted recovery (MAR) among those with an opioid use disorder (OUD). This campaign will provide education and resources directly to those in need and their support systems, such as friends and family members, along with medical providers to support the first steps towards recovery. 

For providers, offering MAR services is offering patients a second chance at life. That’s why Rethink Recovery has created a suite of materials to equip Illinois medical providers with the tools to facilitate patients’ initial exploration and initiation of MAR. These tools can be used to help patients understand their OUD, what their options are, and how MAR can help them. Download these materials today (click the graphic) or request to have printed copies sent to you at no cost here. Stay tuned for more upcoming content and the launch of the campaign website later this month.

Conversation Guide

Get inspiration for patient discussions.

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Educational Handout: What Is OUD And MAR?

Defining the terms.

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Educational Handout: How Does MAR Work?

Getting to know how the treatment works. 

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Educational Handout: Is MAR Right For Me?

Understanding why MAR can work for you.

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Patient FAQ

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Illinois Medication-Assisted Recovery Toolkit

Utilizing Medication Assisted Recovery for Opioid Use Disorder in Illinois: A Planning and Implementation Toolkit