The Alcohol Policy Resource Center Advisory Council

Underage drinking is not simply a problem for families or youth; it is a concern for communities throughout Illinois. The consequences of underage drinking can affect everyone. We all feel the effects of aggressive behavior, property damage, injuries, violence, and deaths that can result from underage drinking.

Often, communities consider their alcohol environment as established and unchangeable. But communities can create, change, or strengthen their own alcohol environment by developing local alcohol policies to reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse.

The Alcohol Policy Resource Center Advisory Council is here to help communities reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse by expanding the capacity, reach, visibility, and impact of the Alcohol Policy Resource Center.


What We Do

  • Bring together local elected officials, law enforcement representatives, and stakeholders in community substance abuse prevention and community health.
  • Advisory Council members will provide expertise, perspective, guidance, and focused input on marketing, resource development, and visibility.
  • The Council will assist the APRC in advancing alcohol policies, ordinances, and law enforcement strategies in local communities throughout Illinois.


Council Members

Shannon Alderman
Impaired Driving Program Coordinator
Illinois Department of Transportation

Marni Basic
IYS Coordinator
CPRD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Richard H. "Quijas" Brunk
Rock Island County Board Chairman

Matt Cassity
Project Coordinator
Community Alliance for Prevention
360 Youth Services

Chemberly Cummings
City Council
Town of Normal

Sergeant Adam Kapchinske
Town of Normal

Jake Levinson
Cannabis Policy Resource Center
Prevention First

Kelly O'Connor
Prevention Services Manager
Oak Park Township

Lee Roupas
BASSET Manager
Illinois Liquor Control Commission

Deputy John Shallenberger
Tazewell County Sheriff's Office

Kenneth Williams
Liquor Control Supervisor, Central Region
Division of Enforcement
Illinois Liquor Control Commission

Kellie Henrichs
Chief Program Officer
Prevention First

Jody Heavilin
Alcohol Policy Resource Center
Prevention First

Jameika A. Sampson
Director of Resource Centers
Prevention First