Thank you for your interest in the Alcohol Policy Resource Center’s Advisory Council.

The following is useful information to assist you in understanding the role of the Advisory Council and the responsibilities, expectations, and benefits of serving on the APRC Advisory Council.

I encourage you to review the information and reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. Again, thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


The Alcohol Policy Resource Center Advisory Council

The consequences of underage drinking can affect everyone. We all feel the effects of aggressive behavior, property damage, injuries, violence, and deaths that can result from underage drinking. * Underage drinking is not simply a problem for families, or youth, it is a concern for communities throughout Illinois.

Often, communities consider their alcohol environment as established and unchangeable. The good news is communities can create, change, or strengthen their own alcohol environment by developing local alcohol policies to reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse.

The Alcohol Policy Resource Center is here to help communities reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse.

Prevention First’s Alcohol Policy Resource Center provides training, education, resources, and tools on evidence-based alcohol policy strategies to municipalities, local officials, law enforcement, and community coalitions focused on underage drinking and alcohol misuse in communities throughout Illinois.


To expand the capacity, reach, visibility, and impact of the Alcohol Policy Resource Center.


The Alcohol Policy Resource Center’s Advisory Council will bring together local elected officials, law enforcement representatives, and stakeholders in community substance abuse prevention and community health. Advisory Council members will provide expertise, perspective, guidance, and focused input on marketing, resource development, and visibility to assist the APRC in reaching out to municipalities throughout Illinois to advance alcohol policies, ordinances, and law enforcement strategies to reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse in communities throughout Illinois.

Responsibilities and Expectations

The Advisory Council will guide the work of the Alcohol Policy Resource Center. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending meetings during the fiscal year and reviewing agendas prior to meetings.
  • Supporting the mission and goals of the Alcohol Policy Resource Center.
  • Learning about the APRC’s programs and services.
  • Sharing developments and resources in the member’s field of expertise.
  • Serving as an unbiased and independent sounding board for the APRC.
  • Offering support, guidance, and strategic advice to the APRC.
  • Representing the interests of communities throughout Illinois.
  • Working to increase the visibility of the APRC.
  • Assisting with marketing and promotion of the APRC.
  • Advocating for the APRC.
  • Providing input on short-term and long-term planning.
  • Providing input on new resources, tools, and trainings for the APRC.
  • Assisting the APRC in making connections with stakeholders invested in alcohol policy throughout the State of Illinois.
  • Assisting in the identification and recruitment of new Advisory Council members when

Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to: listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well in a group setting, and provide constructive feedback and focused input.
  • Willing to: prepare for and call-in to meetings, ask appropriate questions, share ideas, information, opinions, and experiences.
  • Possess: openness to differing views, provide a friendly, responsive, and patient approach, a concern for and interest in the Alcohol Policy Resource Center’s program development.

Member Benefits

  • Opportunity to make a difference and share your skills and expertise to have a positive impact on the APRC.
  • Gaining an insider’s view of the APRC can help you expand your own skillset.
  • Offering a voice to communities ensures the most appropriate decisions will be made to impact youth, families, and community members.
  • Ability to stay up-to-date on data and issues surrounding youth drinking and how alcohol affects communities throughout Illinois.
  • Opportunity to interact with professionals throughout the state of Illinois.

Membership Commitment

The APRC Advisory Council will be a permanent group that meets up to three times per fiscal year (the fiscal year calendar runs from July 1st-June 30th). The APRC Advisory Council will consist of 8-10 members representing diverse perspectives and experiences based on veteran status, gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location, age, and other qualities important in representing the communities of Illinois. All APRC Advisory Council members are asked to commit to one full year term, which will begin on the date the member’s application and biography information is submitted. Advisory Council members can serve additional terms based on their interest and involvement.

Limits of Authority

The APRC Advisory Council will offer recommendations and opinions to guide the work of the Alcohol Policy Resource Center. The APRC Advisory Council is not responsible for fiscal decisions affecting the Alcohol Policy Resource Center or Prevention First. The Board of Directors is the established governing entity for Prevention First.

Advisory Council Member Compensation

There will be no formal compensation for Advisory Council members. The Alcohol Policy Resource Center will cover all costs associated with meeting technology and call conferencing services.