Policies and Strategies to Address Underage & Excessive Drinking

Reducing underage and excessive drinking requires implementing evidence-based policies and strategies to change the alcohol environment. Knowing how to advocate for change is essential to create a safe community.

Advocacy to Reduce Underage Drinking & Excessive Drinking

We work to assist coalitions and communities in understanding and advising their policy work to create and implement ordinances aimed at reducing underage drinking & excessive drinking.

How to Pass Successful Ordinance – Tips for a Community Coalition

Youth Voice - Educating on Policy

Spanish Language Version

Youth Voice: Educating Elected Officials 

Spanish Language Version

Youth Voice- Partnering with Law Enforcement

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Drafting Clear Ordinances

Policy Implementation and Enforcement

Policy Adoption Advocacy Plan

Illinois Home Rule

Steps to Passing a Local Ordinance

Policies to Reduce Underage Drinking & Excessive Drinking

The APRC compiled the following resources with specific alcohol issues in mind. Communities and coalitions can utilize them when preparing to advocate for policy initiatives.