IDHS/SUPR Community Intervention and Early Intervention Webinar Recording

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Presenter: Laura Garcia, Deputy Director of Bureau of Licensure, Compliance and Monitoring

The Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (IDHS/SUPR) recognizes the need to clarify how community intervention (CI), early intervention (EI), and recovery support services (RSS) influence community wellness.

Community Intervention

Community Intervention occurs within the community rather than in a treatment setting and focus on the community and its residents. CI can include crisis intervention. CI includes outreach and in-reach services. Outreach is encouragement, engagement or re-engagement of at-risk individual(s) into treatment through community institutions such as churches, schools, and medical facilities. In-reach is the education of community institutions, state agencies and social services’ staff regarding the screening and referral of at-risk individuals to treatment programs for a clinical assessment.

Early Intervention

Early intervention is designed to screen, identify, and address risk factors that may be related to problems associated with substance use disorders and assist individuals in recognizing harmful consequences. Early intervention services facilitate emotional and social stability and involve referrals for treatment, as needed.


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