Alcohol Home Delivery: Regulatory and Enforcement Implications - Archived Webinar

This is an Archived Webinar event.

This webinar was recorded on April 13, 2021. No CEUs are offered for recorded webinars.

Presenters: Casssandra Tourre, National Alcohol Beverage Control Association and Carrie Christofes, National Liquor Law Enforcement Association

Summary: This webinar will review current policies on home delivery, direct shipping and curbside services while providing information on strategies to protect the public from alcohol-related harms. 

Home delivery of alcohol is on the rise nationwide, posing regulatory and enforcement challenges. The alcohol marketplace is changing quickly, from direct shipment and third-party delivery services to cocktails to-go, requiring enforcement, prevention and public health stakeholders to react with creative solutions and strategies to regulate and enforce this new alcohol marketplace.

Cassandra Tourre 

Cassandra Tourre is the Director of Public Policy at the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA), a trade association representing alcohol regulators. She has 15 years of public health experience related to the regulation, enforcement, and marketing of alcohol. Prior to joining NABCA, Cassie was Faculty Associate at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where she worked on both statewide and national projects implementing and assessing strategies to address excessive alcohol consumption. 

Carrie Christofes 

Carrie Christofes has over 6 years of law enforcement experience and 15 years in the development, direction, and management of substance use disorder prevention programming at the local level as well as managing grants at the state and federal levels. She is currently the Executive Director of the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association, a non-profit association of law enforcement personnel dedicated to the enforcement of liquor laws and regulations.