Environmental Scan Toolkit

Environmental scanning aims to identify your community’s risk factors that can contribute to underage or excessive alcohol consumption. Conducting a scan allows you to observe and document the 4 P’s: Price, Product, Promotion, and Placement. Recording these observations and pairing that information with other assessment data, such as youth survey data, allows you to create a clear picture of alcohol in your community. From that picture, you can then identify strategies to reduce underage and excessive use of alcohol.

Environmental Scan Toolkit - Full Version

This toolkit outlines considerations for conducting community environmental scans, including the following:

  • The 4 Ps of Environmental Scanning
  • Types of scanning
  • Building your team
  • Safety protocols
  • Preparing to scan
  • Conducting scans
  • Documentation
  • Sharing your results
  • Appendix with sample forms

Recurso Para Un Análisis Del Entorno - Versión Completa en Español

Este manual presenta varias recomendaciones para la realización de un análisis del entorno comunitario, incluyendo las siguientes:

  • Las 4 P del análisis del entorno
  • Tipos de análisis
  • Cómo formar tu equipo
  • Protocolos de seguridad
  • Preparativos para el análisis
  • Cómo realizar el análisis
  • Documentación
  • Cómo compartir los resultados
  • Apéndice con formulario de muestra