Youth Leadership Development

Practicing leadership skills is shown to have profound effects throughout life. The YPRC maintains, facilitates, and supports a diverse Student Advisory Board. The Student Advisory Board has a strong voice and is a guiding force for all programming efforts, including resource development and advocacy. Student Advisory Board applications can be found here.


Youth Leadership Program Spotlights

EYPC and Local Alcohol Policy Change: The Right Partnership for You! 

Is your community considering strengthening your local environment to reduce alcohol misuse through policy change? If so, engaging your local youth in your efforts with the support of Engaging Youth for Positive Change (EYPC) can be a key component of success!  

EYPC, a youth-oriented policy change curriculum, carefully guides youth through the process of getting a local alcohol policy passed in their community. During EYPC, youth identify a problem and a policy solution, collect and analyze data, and present to local leaders, giving young people the skills, confidence, and experience they need to become effective advocates for positive social change.  

Click HERE to watch our brief introductory video. 

Your first step is the EYPC Facilitator Training to familiarize you with the EYPC program. You’ll learn how to implement the various activities and it will help you with using the EYPC program to best meet your community’s needs.  

Please visit our website to find out more about EYPC! 

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